Coach Rankings Page Help

SR Rankings Selector

The first thing to see on the Coach Rankings Page is the SR Rankings Selector in the top middle position. By default it is set to the currently Announced SR Rankings.

It is possible to select the virtual next SR Rankings. Naturally this information is not final: additional tournaments may finish until the next Turn Time which changes the points of the next SR Rankings.



The entry field is used to filter coaches by their names. As with every entry field, a first ‘=’ or ‘\’ character forces exact match with the subsequent input text.

If you are not in the Top 25 coaches, you can easily write “=mycoachname” to the Coach Filter to get your SR Ranking.

Table of Data



As with every SR Rankings table, you can order columns which have up and downward triangles on the right side of their header. Just click on the column header to sort. By holding the Shift key, you can sort by multiple columns where the next column should resolve pervious ties.