Coach Careers Page Help

This page provides dynamic Statistics of SR Rankings achievements of coaches.

It is recommended to read the Statistics section of the Rulebook first.



The most interesting informations have been prepared for you. All you have to do is to select one of them. Titles should be self-explanatory. If not then the title of the table should make clear what you got. Once selected, check which other filters remained enabled and use them for your need.

If you are comfortable with the underlying data, you can select the Freehand Preset which gives you full control over the other filters and the table column order.

One of the mosts important stat is Number One Coaches by Total Number of Weeks. To see it, set Preset to Class by Total Number of Weeks and Class to Number One.


The entry field is used to filter coaches by their names. As with every entry field, a first ‘=’ or ‘\’ character forces exact match with the subsequent input text.

Class and Term

Table of Data

Each row in the table represents a Record, which is a time period of consecutive inclusion to a Class.



As with every SR Rankings table, you can order columns which have up and downward triangles on the right side of their header. Just click on the column header to sort. By holding the Shift key, you can sort by multiple columns where the next column should resolve pervious ties.