OBC Sport SR Rankings

version 1.3

We hope that the SR Rankings soon will be known as ‘the FUMBBL Rankings’. For example, when PurpleChest is No. 1 in the SR Coach Rankings, he will be said to be the No. 1 FUMBBL Coach. Or a team which is No. 7 in the Overall SR Team Rankings will be said to be a ‘Top 10 FUMBBL Team’.

The SR Rankings is the OBC Sport’s historical objective merit-based method used for determining entry and seeding in all official win-aimed FUMBBL tournaments for both coaches and teams.

Points allocated for each tournament participation can be easily browsed by fans and stakeholders. Points data are not trivial to interpret though so reading the Points Page Help page is recommended.

Points page may be interesting even for those who are not interested in the SR Rankings at all because it provides information to all official FUMBBL tournaments (with only two exceptions) and participations ever made. By choosing ALL in the first dropdown selector and with a little patience that huge data becomes available to get filtered for the individual needs. Moreover, every single official tournament match report could be easily reached by clicking on the W/D/L and C (concession) characters in the Progression column.

Thanks for the OBC Sports’ statisticians there are deatiled informations available of Coach Careers and Team Histories.

Those who want full insight of how the SR Rankings are calculated should read the SR Rankings Rulebook.

Known Issues